McMillan prefers to manage client money through separately managed accounts. We have found this to be beneficial to investors for a number of reasons when compared to a hedge fund structure:

Better liquidity terms

  • Accounts are individually managed, not commingled with other investors

  • Assets are held at a brokerage firm in your name. McMillan only has trading authority

  • No lock-up periods

  • No redemption fees

Increased transparency

  • You receive full disclosure of trading activity in your account

  • Daily position updates

  • Monthly brokerage statements

  • Quarterly management reports from McMillan

The McMillan Edge

McMillan Asset Management provides a research-intensive strategy backed by significant live trading history

  • Extensive experience managing risk through all major market cycles – from the “Nifty Fifty” period of the 70’s and subsequent long bear market that followed, through to today’s QE induced bull market

  • A deep understanding of trade structuring and the unique behavior of options around large market moves

  • Repeatable, rules-based trading approach that removes emotion and “opinion” from the process.